Julius caesar vs napoleon bonaparte

Napoleon bonaparte napoleon was a french emperor who tried to take over all of europe though he ultimately failed, the congress of vienna met after him and there was a. Napoleon's commentary thus provides a fascinating and highly authoritative insight into caesar's wars, as well as providing a window into napoleon's own thinking and attitudes napoleon in places detects mistakes on the part of caesar and his enemies, and says what they should have done differently. Re: julius caesar vs napoleon vs alexander im thinking that both ceasar and napolean were well suited for a planned, set piece battle napoleon could also make descisions on the fly, but i think that alexander was the most reckless, on the fly leader of them all. A difference between napoleon bonaparte and julius caesar i need a difference that i could write 8 sentences about for their similarities, i have that they were both great military leaders and they both helped rebuild their nations.

Check out our patreon page: view full lesson: after the french revolution erupted in 1789. Siege of alesia (52 bc) - gaius julius caesar vs vercingetorix wikipedia description: the battle of alesia or siege of alesia took place in september, 52 bc around the gallic oppidum of alesia , a major town centre and hill fort of the mandubii tribe. Julius caesar was a monster to the gauls and to the romans who wanted to return to the days of the roman republic napoleon was called a monster by the duke of welllington and many others in britain, prussia, russia, germany generally, austria, etc adolf hitler was a monster to jews, gypsies, poles, russians, yugoslav partisans, the free french, the greeks, etc, etc. Julius caesar battled shaka zulu in shaka zulu vs julius caesar he was portrayed by nice peter gaius julius caesar, simply known as julius caesar or caesar, was born circa july 12th, 100 bc, in rome, italy he was a statesman and general who marked the beginning of.

It is often claimed in a number of websites and books that left-handers make superior military leaders, and many examples are given in support of the assertion, including alexander the great, ramses ii, julius caesar, commodus, charlemagne, napoleon, edward iii, joan of arc, louis xvi, fidel castro, general george patton and general norman schwarzkopf among others. Julius caesar is seen as the main example of caesarism, a form of political rule led by a charismatic strongman whose rule is based upon a cult of personality, whose rationale is the need to rule by force, establishing a violent social order, and being a regime involving prominence of. Best answer: they were both military geniuses, though napoleon was even better they also shared a far-reaching concern for the future, and had grand plans to improve the lives of people caesar was a much better writer, but they were equally good at propaganda. Compare julius caesar (rome) and napoleon bonaparte (france) although from different time periods, there are many similarities and differences between them.

Caesar and napoleon rose as leaders of the people and this idea of a ‘people’s leader’ fighting against a political or tyrannical establishment has become exemplified in these two men. What is interesting is that both caesar and napoleon decided it was a political necessity to become emperor, even though they didn't want to napoleon thought being crowned emperor would satisfy the monarchs of europe into thinking france was more of a monarchy than a republic. 1 napoleon studied and held caesar in a very high regardhe studied his tactics ,how he administered ,how he motivated his soldiers etc etc ,so we can safely say that caesar was the guru of napoleon in many waysand since there is a saying chela kitna bhi bada ho jaye guru guru hi. Julius caesar film vs mean girls julius caesar is an extremely old and extremely famous play written by william shakespeare around 1599 shakespeare's plays are reflected in many movies and stories now a days and julius caesar is to famous that they even made thrice movies for the story. Gaius julius caesar was born 12 july 100 bce (though some cite 102 as his birth year) his father, also gaius julius caesar, was a praetor who governed the province of asia and his mother, aurelia cotta, was of noble birthboth held to the populare ideology of rome which favored democratization of government and more rights for the lower class as opposed to the optimate factions’ claim of.

Julius caesar patience , pain , men , die , find , will during a few days' halt near vesontio for the provision of corn and other supplies, a panic arose from inquiries made by our troops and remarks uttered by gauls and traders, who affirmed that the germans were men of a mighty frame and an incredible valour and skill at arms. Julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte have molded and shaped the way rulers and leaders should rule over their empires julius caesar was born in rome and the year of his birth is not certain but the two years that most historians say he was born in were. Adolf hitler vs napoleon boneparte vs julius caesar each leader has 5,000,000 men, equipped with sabres and guns up to american civil war standards.

Julius caesar vs napoleon bonaparte

1julius caesar 2napolon bonaparte (very closely to caesar) 3alexander the great caesar was the most complete of the three he excelled at tactics, strategy, siege warfare, pursuing, administration, politics, etc. Best answer: napoleon he almost took over half of europe its just so sad how such a powerful man ended up so powerless in the end he just died alone on that island. Napoleon bonaparte quotes view the list the battlefield is a scene of constant chaos the winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies napoleon bonaparte chaos, winner, own, will, enemies, who throw off your worries when you throw off your clothes at night. Gaius julius caesar a aurelia cotta: hannibal, čingischán nebo napoleon bonaparte třebaže utrpěl i některé porážky jako například v bitvě u gergovie během galských válek a v bitvě u dyrrhachia během občanské války, caesar prokázal taktickou genialitu svými obdivuhodnými výkony při obléhání alesie, obrácením na.

Similarly, napoleon bonaparte, another great general who could potentially have come out on top, falls down with the opposite problem: he was a brilliant strategist, but a poor tactician. Julius caesar vs napoleon bonaparte the current dictator of rome at this time to diva orca cornelia and f he refused he was at high risk of losing everything including his property july us then decided to refuse his demands and escaped the consequences by going into the militia rye.

Napoleon bonaparte napoleon bonaparte was born in 1769 in corsica about a year and a half after its attachment to france he came from a noble family he came from a noble family his father, a solicitor by profession, was against the french occupation of corsica. Napoleon bonaparte: epiclloyd napoleon vs napoleon (feat nice peter & epiclloyd) artist shaka zulu vs julius caesar epic rap battles of history season 4. Help write a business plan 1-5-2015 alexander the great vs napoleon bonaparte was a a comparison of julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte as military leaders military and political leader of alexander the great versus napoleon bonaparte comparison. Julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte have molded and shaped the way rulers and leaders should rule over their empires julius caesar was born in rome and the year of his birth is not certain but the two years that most historians say he was born in were 102 and 100 b c (vroma org, roman-colosseum info.

julius caesar vs napoleon bonaparte Essay napoleon bonaparte's success as a military leader and conqueror can also be seen in another great leader, julius caesar both napoleon and caesar achieved great glory by bringing their countries out of turmoil it was caesar, that napoleon modeled himself after, he wanted to be as great, if not greater than caesar.
Julius caesar vs napoleon bonaparte
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